Rpi-hw  0.7.2
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rpihw::font::glyph Class Reference

Simple glyph structure. More...

#include <glyph.hpp>

Public Attributes

uint8_t width
 The width of the glyph.
uint8_t height
 The height of the glyph.
int8_t left
 The left side bearing.
int8_t top
 The top side bearing.
PixelMode format
 The format of the glyph bitmap (monochrome or gray).
uint8_t grays
 Maximum gray level value (in the range 1 to 255).
int16_t pitch
 The number of bytes per bitmap line. May be positive or negative.
int8_t xadvance
 The horizontal advance width in pixels.
int8_t yadvance
 The vertical advance height in pixels.
const uint8_t * buffer
 A pointer to the bitmap pixels.

Detailed Description

Simple glyph structure.

Definition at line 48 of file glyph.hpp.

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